Prior to assignment five, I decided to do some research into portrait photographer Edouard Boubat. “Photographer Edouard Boubat (1923-1999) is a poet with a camera. His work is part of the great tradition of French photography that includes such masters as Brassai, Bresson and Doisneau.(1)” This inspirational photographer has a style that I absolutely love, we are going to look at this in a little more depth below.

Firstly, Boubat captures a variety of genres, including street photography, documentary photography and portraiture. “Combination of classic 1950s street scenes, documentary travel, Paris, and intimate portraits of ordinary people.(2)” All of these styles centre around Boubat’s love and passion; capturing people. He had a deep fascination for capturing the true depth and heart of his subjects. He was able to capture their real personalities and character through his work. “For Boubat, photography meant meeting his fellow-man. He loved to photograph humanity; his images bear witness to…

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