My name is Meho and I am a bench player here at Monochromia so I will be posting less often. I am very exited to be part of this group of bloggers. I would like to thank Joseph for the time he has put into making this blog a reality and the effort to gather everyone.

This is my debut to Monochromia. This photo was taken in Acadie, New-Brunswick. This is exactly at Miscou Island (google maps). This is a picture from the stairs of this old Lighthouse. I like the angle on this picture and the deep shadows and blacks.

I’ve always been impressed  Lighthouses. They are symbolic to a bygone era.

I was introduced to photography for the first time in the late 1980’s with my father’s old Minolta 35mm. Even at this young age, I was passionate about photography.  Later I decided to study photography…

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